Build a Bridge to Your Customers – and 23% More Sales!

A recent article by the Gallup Organization focused on turning customers into “fully engaged – true believers” through repeated, high quality contact. Here are some excerpts from their article.

“Not all types of contact perform equally well as tools for relationship building. As The Gallup Organization found in a recent survey of several thousand customers for a variety of products and services, a combination of access through technology, and personal contact with company employees, typically has a greater impact on customer loyalty than does the company’s advertising.”

“Regardless of how creative or intrusive or enjoyable the advertising might be, it often pales in comparison to contact with “customer facing employees” when it comes to creating loyalty. Why is that? Advertising most often merely registers the brand promise. It is the employees who keep — or fail to keep — that promise.”

Creating a Fully Engaged Customer

In the IT channel, one of the best ways to create a fully engaged customer is consistent, high-quality contact, through a web-based portal tracking assets and support on a single screen. Access to their data is located on your website. Notifications of impending events come from your email domain. They can communicate and memorialize requests for changes directly through the application. It’s a bridge, open 24/7 keeping your company’s name in front of your customers and providing a value-add service.

But more important, through support management automation, it frees up valuable time for your employees to make direct personal contact by phone or in person.

According to the Gallup Organization research, customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer.

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