TRAX Adds Support Contract Reconciliation Tool

One of the most laborious parts of the support contract renewal process is reconciling the proposal against prior quotes and/or actual existing inventory. TRAX has just added a reconciliation tool to make that process super easy. This not only saves valuable time, it creates more accurate proposals for your customers. It’s great for spotting vendor errors such as quoting items that were removed from service, not updating the renewal to account for RMAs or new items added after the initial purchase, or even simple mistakes like incorrect quantities on items like hard drives. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Makes quick work of comparing your vendor’s coverage items to last year’s renewal.
  • Reduces confusion during the quoting process.
  • Highlights and confirms the changes made on alternate versions of a proposal.
  • Saves you and your customer time and money.

If you want more information on ServTrax and our comprehensive asset and contract management solution, TRAX, click on the link to view our video or contact our sales department to schedule a demo.